A Workout For The Face @ FaceGym

A Workout For The Face @ FaceGym

FaceGym – A workout for your face –  Prepare yourself for a full facial reboot and a whole new set of exercise expectations. The face trainers at FaceGym offer a bountiful selection of options that look beyond the skin each catering towards a different skin concern, combining science and wellbeing along side massage techniques collated from around the globe.

Workouts include the Hollywood Lunch Time Lift which promises to lift and tighten with a special focus on fine lines and wrinkles all in a 40 minute time slot, The Hangover cure workout focusses on lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, smooth lines and revive tired eyes (perfect for any sort of over-indulgence), The Bump Work out for mum’s to be plus add on pick and mix extra’s for specific skin concerns. For my workout I chose the seasonally appropriate Front Row Face* #frow – The ‘supermodel’s favourite’ yes pls!

The Workout 

Facegym is located within the Beauty Workshop at Selfridges, Oxford Street and offers two options for treatment’s in the studio on the shop floor or a private treatment room for those looking for a little more zen. Marly my face trainer started by running through my skin concerns as I filled out an in depth consultation form.

Next began the bliss, warm towels were used for my first cleanse followed by a light brushing with the divinely fragranced Royal Fern Cleansing Balm – my massage workout started directly after with the signature FaceGym balls rolled across my face followed by a series of massage techniques including flicking, cupping and tapping (to increase blood flow) and pressure point finger techniques. Special attention is paid to the lymph glands to expel toxins that will ultimately be making your skin look tired, dull and droopy and for good measure some heavenly neck and collarbone stretches.

A Workout For The Face @ FaceGym

Marly then applied a cocktail of Mimi Luzon Serum’s Cyber C (for rejuvenation), Collagen Control (for fostering elasticity) and Hyaluronic Pro a 100% Hyaluronic Acid Gel (even as a beauty therapist who’s seen a lot of products – this one made me jot down the details to purchase later) these were pushed into the skin using a high frequency impact machine followed by yet more massage using a gentle a non-invasive metal Dermaroller to soften fine lines followed by a deliciously cooled jade roller which focuses once again on lymphatic drainage and also combats tired/puffy eyes.

Finally, a quick glide over the face using the Pure Lift Wand (the latest generation in micro current lifting devices) this gadget works! giving an immediate lift to the face whilst over time increasing the skin’s elasticity (I wanted to take one home – which you can BTW)

With my 40 minute workout complete, I left with a Nourishing Super Elixer Shake for the journey home and with my skin lifted, plumped and positively radiating such a fresh luminous post-treatment glow I had all the confidence needed to remain barefaced and makeup free for the rest of the day.

If your skin needs a boost Signature Workouts start from £30 (30 mins) or why not try the newly launched FaceCamp a 7-day intense bootcamp program for your skin consisting of facial workouts, juice, smoothie and meal suggestions plus a selection of Elle Macpherson’s new range of Welleco Super Elixer drinks.

FacecGym available @ the Beauty Workshop – Selfridges or visit Facegym.com

Does this sound like a workout you would like try?

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