South African Beauty: 5 Products To Try

South African Beauty: 5 Products To TrySouth African Beauty: 5 Products To Try

Today’s post is all about South African beauty, five products and brands that are definitely worth hearing about. Five beauty products that have left me buzzing not only from the results but also from the innovative native ingredients, price, packaging and branding.

Starting off with my favourite brand rain, and the Manketti + Starflower Body Scrub made with wild harvested South African Ingredients (I am going to let you know how you can get your hands on all these products further on)

This body scrub is nothing short of heavenly it’s presented in a beautiful frosted pot, brimming with natural organic ingredients. The native ingredient in this product is from the Manketti tree – Mongongo oil. I’m quite impressed with this oil as it delivers the rich hydrating results of jojoba oil without leaving that excessive oily residue. The scrub is delicately fragranced with a blend of starflower, rose, cedarwood and lavender which lingered well into the evening. They also have magical sounding tree mists which I would love to try, I could quite easily buy every single rain product. I’m sure it won’t be long before we see this brand discovered and brought over to the UK.

Next Naturals Beauty Avocado Night Treatment (ships internationally) I really enjoyed using this cream it was velvety, rich and soothing, it’s also recommended for sun damage which I can see it working perfectly for. The Vanilla Body Butter, was unusually presented in a completely solid form like a balm, which melted upon contact with the skin it contained a mixture of avocado butter, macadamia oil, almond oil, vanilla oil and beeswax it. A gorgeous smelling heavy duty moisturiser.

South African Beauty: 5 Products To TryNext a serum or tissue oil by Africology It contains another ingredient indigenous to South Africa. Marulula oil which is actually a super oil although it’s hardly known in the UK as yet (remember Argan oil was unknown until recently…..) This multipurpose wonder oil is packed with antioxidants which protect against environmental aggressors and provide deep nourishing hydration.

The serum also contained African potatoe, rooibos, aloe and essential oils after patting this light sweet-smelling fluid onto my skin it was absorbed fully within a few seconds and my skin felt refreshed, plumped and über-moisturized in the morning.

Finally Hey Gorgeous – probably the most fun range out of the five, with super cute branding. The product I tried was the Blueberry Smoothie Body Scrub which was a delicious blast of blueberry bliss. It contained three natural base oils and absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives which is why this one is use within 12 weeks. They also have a huge range of delicious sounding whipped body creams, that are next on my list.


So how to get your hands on these products, rain are also available in the USA Hey Gorgeous ship Internationally or you could do as I did, take part in an international beauty box swap. If you’re a blogger you may see them pop up now and again. If you’re not the best way maybe to follow some beauty bloggers on twitter (here’s mine) or search #beautyboxswap. You’re basically paired with the country of your choice (where possible) on a host site and swap a box of beauty products at an agreed value. My swap partner was the lovely Leandra from At A Loss For Words it’s been a pleasure getting to know her as well as discovering these products plus more that arrived in my box.

Which product did you like or would like me to host a beauty box swap on abracadabra girl later in the year let me know below?












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  • I would love to try any of these items only if they were cruelty free or vegan friendly. Beauty box swap sounds really good though, never heard of that before.

    • Hi raine – all of the rain products are vegan, hand made, fair trade, and cruelty free certified. Which is one reason they ranked first high on my list too x k

  • Sarah

    That oil looks amazing! x

    • Yes it really is I was very impressed with it. Thanks for stopping by. k x

  • Emma Cushion

    I need to try that oil, sound amazing!

    • Thank-you emma yes it gave great results comparable to other brands that are priced a lot higher. k x

  • Starflower Body Scrub looks beautiful.

  • Jacqueline

    Love all these herbal remedies. I think the Avacado Night Cream goes really well with Jurlique products, which you have reviewed previously also.

  • Thanks Jaqueline – yes some great discoveries ! Some I will definetly be re ordering – thanks for the feedback k x