Butternut Squash Feta & Kale Salad with Hemp Heart Dressing

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Yes, kale. Raw…in a salad. If you’ve never had it, raw kale probably doesn’t sound like such an appetizing idea but before you turn and run, you must give this delicious nutrient-packed leafy green a try. Many skeptics have been convinced after one just bite. The key in obtaining soft delicious kale is marinating and massage yep that’s right but it works a treat trust me. So here are the ingredients for my butternut squash Feta & Kale Salad with hemp heart dressing.

Salad Ingredients

  • 3 cups of kale
  • ¹⁄³ cup of feta cheese
  • 1 heaped cup of roasted butternut squash
  • ¼ cup of hemp hearts
  • 1 clove garlic (optional for roasting the squash)
  • 1 tsp of fragrance free coconut oil

Marinade Dressing 

  • 3 tbsp cold pressed organic olive oil
  • 4 tbsp of balsamic Vinegar
  • 1tsp of raw honey
  • pinch of Himalayan pink sea salt
  • freshly ground black pepper


What can generally can make raw kale a little bitter is the large center vein that runs down the leaf. So the first step is to cut that out leaving just the softer outer part of the leaves, then cut into smallish bite size pieces. Next mix the marinade dressing together in a large bowl, add in the kale leaves and massage with your hands yes it looks weird but what you’re trying to do is break down slightly the tough outer layer of the leaf and allow the acids in the marinade to work there magic (think ceviche). Massage for between 2-5 minutes you should see the kale start to shrink in size the next important step is to let it to marinate so leave in the fridge for a further 10-15 minutes (kale can be left to marinate for up to forty minutes and still be fine it actually allows the flavours to infuse deeper)

The butternut squash is simply cubed and roasted, I used 1 teaspoon of fragrance free coconut oil mixed with one clove of garlic. Place in the oven on the middle shelf at 150 degrees for half an hour or until soft and golden brown.

Once your kale is marinated combine all the ingredients together in a salad bowl making sure to crumble the feta well and mix thoroughly. As kale doesn’t go limp like lettuce this salad is a great lunch box option.

Do you have any delicious kale recipes?If so please share in the comments box below.






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