Nails: Party In Metallics

Nails: party in metallics


Nails: Party In Metallics

With the festive party season nearly upon us, what better excuse to off set your party dress with a bit of nail sparkle. But with so many fabulous versions of glitter, gold, silver and metallic colours to choose from it can be hard to narrow down the right shade for you, so here are my top picks plus the easiest tricks ever…. to ensure you nail this look.

Nails: party in metallics


The Prep 

This is one of the few nail colours where if you have the time a minimal amount of nail preparation will deliver outstanding results. To achieve that almost liquid effect you may have seen on some metallic nails, the nail must be completely smooth underneath the polish. Metallic colours will highlight even the tiniest imperfection. A simple way to avoid this is to very gently buff the nail with a 3 or 4 sided nail buffer. If you don’t have the time a ridge filling base coat will also work.


The shade 

When you think of metallics don’t just think of the traditional gold and silvers that spring to mind there are a multitude of shades out there and there will be one that suits you best, so make sure to hold the polish bottle in front of your hand to see which one works with your skin tone. I’ve chosen a muddy gold and silver grey below for some thing a bit different plus a rose gold which is the metallic of the moment. I absolutely love this one is from creative nails it contains minute flecks with in the polish so it creates almost a 3D effect.


The Twist 

There are two times when metallics really shine, one is summer with a lovely tan and two is christmas. But if you’re not 100% convinced and metallic still looks a bit 70’s to you then this trick sorts that right out.

Matte top coats have been around for a while and haven’t really taken off, because nobody wants to lose a lovely high gloss finish on a winter berry shade or even a summer coral for that matter and I totally agree. But where they do work is on metallic shades they make them instantly edgy and more wearable……Check out the pictures below. I’ve used Nails Inc Matte Top Coat £10.20 here, but I also love the Models Own Matte Top Coat £4.99 which is more purse friendly especially if it’s just for the one nights use. (note: they look even more matte in real life)


Nails: party in metallics

Nails: party in metallics


Colours featured right to left: Butter London Dodgy Barnett £12.00 || Collection Work The Colour Titanium Grey £1.99  || Collection Work The Colour Going For Gold £1.99 || CND Vinylux Chiffon Twirl £7.97 ||


I hope you enjoyed Nails: Party in Metallics, Here’s to enjoying some wonderfull festive parties with family and friends x

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  • Love the look of Chiffon Twirl! I wouldn’t have thought to use a matte top coat over metallics but it’s actually such a great idea! Bought one from Butter London aaages ago and never really used it so I need to rummage around for it and finally give it some use xx

    Love and Marmalade

  • Thanks marvielle yes the chiffon twirl is amazing xx

  • I totally love metallic nail polishes made matte. Been thinking about getting a matte top coat for a while, will have to look into those. 🙂

  • Thanks Carla yeah they look really good something a bit different xx

  • I’m loving metallics at the moment! Thanks for sharing your tips – I’d never thought of putting a matte top coat over a metallic polish but it looks great, especially on the Titanium shade above!

  • Thank you – you have such a pretty blog I’m looking foward to reading it ! X

  • Sandra

    Love the Metalics. Fabulous choices of colours.