Make Up For Ever: Get The Lowdown

MakeUp Forever: Get The Lowdown Before It Hits The Stores

Make Up For Ever: Get The Lowdown was compiled one afternoon by three MUA’s over two cappuccinos and one green tea. So hear’s what we think is worth knowing about the Make Up Forever range now that it’s finally available in the UK stores.

The lowdown: What are the standout products in this range plus which products are surprisingly popular with MUA’s (makeup artist’s) that you may not have heard of? (Oh and this year will see some big changes for Make up Forever; new products, name changes and new formulas replacing previous lines)

So which products are popular with makeup artists and why?

Ok, starting with the most popular product that you may have heard of is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation. It’s a foundation formulated specifically for HD imagery, So it looks amazing in photographic work. It’s basically world-renowned as one of the best foundations on the market by makeup professionals and celebrities alike you can read the full review here, this is the first product you should definitely try.

Next the Aqua Range: Make Up Forever has a super popular range of waterproof products. Lip liners, eye pencils and aqua eyeshadows it’s not just waterproof, but smudge, humidity, sweat, and any-other-challenge-you-can-name-proof and super extra long-wearing as well. So for women who want to apply their makeup in the morning and have it look just as flawless at the end of a long day this is the range to try.

If you’re a red/bright lipstick wearer you have to try their Aqua Lip Liners, line and then fill the lips in completely finishing with just a dab of lipstick over the top, this waterproof liner will last way longer than your lipstick ever did.

The Aqua shadow is one of my personal favourites it’s a waterproof cream eyeshadow in a pencil form. Something to use on a lazy day over the entire lid and blend out but what sets this product apart is it just does not budge or crease. (This range is also due to change its name in the near future to Aqua Matic) Removal of all the Aqua makeup range requires using a waterproof eye/make remover.

MakeUp Forever: Get The Lowdown Before It Hits The Stores

Next recently launched is the new range of 1 step primers. A new product usually takes time to build up popularity within the makeup industry, but these have been flying off the shelves from day one.

It consists of 10 primers: mattifying, smoothing, hydrating, nourishing, redness correcting and five colour correctors, which come in caramel, peach, pink, yellow, and light blue these may sound off-putting but read the full review here (by the talented pixiwoo) and you will see how colour correction may become the next contouring craze. I’ve tried a few of these primers and can say they do live up to the hype. So yes I would definitely recommend finding the one for your skin type and giving these a go. (Make Up For Ever is set to discontinue all its old range of pre and post primers such as Stop Shining and All Mat in favour of this new range)

Other outstanding products include the HD High Definition Powder. This powder looks white but is actually transparent – it suits all skin shades and doesn’t accentuate wrinkles as it’s so fine. For best results, this powder should be applied sparingly the excess thoroughly buffed off and not used for any flash photography events.

Next the Smokey Lash Mascara it’s one of Make Up For Ever’s best sellers, it gives immediate volume and lift and is up there again as one of the best mascara’s I’ve ever used.

Finally the waterproof sens-eyes eye makeup cleanser, this was designed to get one look off on the catwalk and the next straight on. It’s a cream based formula so leaves no oily residue so the eye is ready to work on straight away and requires no excessive rubbing etc which would leave the eye red. Home use? It’s perfect for those eye makeup disasters where you just want to take the whole lot off and start again without ruining the rest of your makeup.

Make up forever also has 200 eyeshadow shades all highly pigmented and beautiful to blend plus a multitude of lipstick formulas ranging from matt’s to shears (matt’s being the most popular but I love the Rouge Artist range as well its a translucent sheer sheen formula) So as you may have guessed it would be physically impossible for Debenhams to carry the complete range so what is expected is a limited version similar to how Sephora retail it in the USA.


But here comes my little secret go to PAM’S instead they carry the entire Make Up Forever range, they ship international it’s like an Aladdin’s cave for makeup lovers, full of brushes, cases and professional brands. My next secret: the general public can shop at professional makeup shops! the only difference is a certified professional will get a trade price on items (which is the industry norm) So check them out or sign up to their mailing list for all the latest makeup news…

Wow! I hoped you enjoyed my Make Up For Ever: Get The Lowdown Before It Hits The Stores, as you can see there are so many great products to try out.

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  • Iona

    I want everything from Make Up Forever but I can’t justify the price. For now, I will be admiring from afar…

    • The store I mentioned PAMs sometimes have good sales on, so that may be an idea . k x

  • The Make Up Forever range sounds good, I shall check it out! x

  • Gunjan

    I nominated you for the Creative Bloggers Award!! Check it out here:

  • I’ve heard so many things about this brand, thanks for sharing ur thoughts! 🙂 xx

  • Sharon Martin

    I’d love to give the mascara a try as well as all the rest of course 🙂 How lucky you are to try them xx

  • Sarah Ebner

    Fantastic information here – very tempted by the primers!

  • Thanks for this! It’s not something I have heard much about before. I am in the process to update most my products at the moment and found this useful.

  • Thank you for posting this!! I was completely unaware that it was coming to the UK. For so long I have wanted to order the HD foundation but was hesitant without knowing my colour match. Now I know that I’ll be able to just go into the store 🙂

  • This is so informative! Thank you, I’m heading to the States on a trip soon so I will be sure to stock up on the Aqua range.

    X Emma |