Lifestyle: Fitness Focus

Lifestyle: Fitness Focus

Take the plunge, with a read of this month’s health and fitness focus. Today I’m sharing with you all a few of the online resources, app’s, healthy bites and classes I’ve been enjoying recently.

Firstly Motivation even the most motivated of us – me, you, can feel unmotivated at times. Inspiration can sometimes seem to come in waves and maintaining that desire to stay healthy at times can be well – hard.

One way I’ve learned to keep fitness focused or even break out of a slump is by using a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are getting more intelligent by the moment often working in sync with smartphone apps or websites which help you view your achievements in real time or plan your fitness goals (even sending you reminder texts). There is a dizzying array of this wearable technology available and choosing the correct tracker for you depends ultimately on what you want to track and how much you want to spend. It’s been shown that monitoring your fitness can increase motivation and that’s exactly how it works for me, when I see an improvement it’s just a matter of carrying that excitement and energy forward and keeping it going. So what exactly can you track? (tracker dependent) Distance (time, pace and speed), GPS, sleep patterns, specific activities such as running, cycling, swimming, monitor your heart rate, set alarms and targets, calories and share your achievements with other users. The one I have isn’t the most expensive but I like the fact it doesn’t have to be worn on the wrist and can be pinned onto your clothing instead.

GET THE GLOW is a cook book from a lady I’ve followed from her early days on Instagram Madeline Shaw – No fuss, non-faddy just delicious nutritious recipe ideas is what you’ll get. The first half of the book contains a six-week re-boot plan to help you ditch the junk the other half is a collection of 100 clean nutritious recipes. My three recipe faves: Raw Pad Thia, Sesame Seared Tuna Salad and Raw Cherry Chocolate Fudge.

Lifestyle: Fitness Focus

Aerial yoga, Silks & Hoops is a fitness class I enjoyed recently and it was something completely different from the norm!

It came about as part of a healthy hen party (yep an alternative to the traditional alcohol fueled event) if you’re looking for a really fun way to get fit and a total mind-body workout challenge then circus type or aerial fitness classes may just be for you.

The class I attended was a taster of all three pursuits aerial yoga, silks and hoops. I adored the aerial yoga, if you practice yoga already aerial yoga simply enables you to lean even further into poses with the added security of the silk to help you to remain stable plus attempt various suspended poses that would normally be impossible (think lifted down dogs and hanging planks) Next taken straight from the repertoire of Cirque du Soleil is silks, which is basically two silk lengths hanging from the ceiling, basic instruction include’s how to perform a foot lock and holds the base moves enabling you to perform other sequences and climb up the silks. It’s not easy but after a few tries I was all smiles hanging upside down. The aerial hoop is a circular steel apparatus rigged from the ceiling, which give’s you the opportunity to experience spins, swings and tricks, all in the middle of the hoop which acts as a frame for a variety of balances, transitions and routines. A few base moves later and we were happily sat in our hoops in a man in the moon pose. I attended SKYLAB Studios in Camden London but classes are rapidly popping up everywhere.

Finally, If you can find the time meditating is proven to reduce stress, help us keep calm, sleep better and become happier. Headspace app co-founder Andy Puddicombe a former Buddhist monk aims to fit meditation into any busy urbanite’s schedule by delivering condensed directed 10-minute session’s. The app has quirky little cartoons to guide you through the first few meditation levels which are free with more levels available to purchase. I’m hooked. I try to use it each morning, it’s also perfect for commuting on public transport when I get home I actually feel lighter, calmer and free of the events of the day.

** What’s been in your fitness routine lately or are you hoping to kick start one soon?

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  • Sam

    I totally agree with all of these! Yoga, headspace and the ‘Get the Glow’ book are all fabulous! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • Love this selection. Am so in need of some motivation to get back on track following a recent holiday and you’ve reminded me of some trusted faves as well as some great new ideas. I love Get The Glow and made the chocolate and cherry fudge a few days ago which is so tasty – though I fear eating this alone is not going to do the trick of getting me healthy again, especially if I polish it off all at once as it’s so good!
    The aerial yoga sounds amazing, I’m going to have to look into that. Plus I totally get what you mean about using an app to track your fitness, it’s the only thing that motivates and drives me forward. Thanks for the inspiration – am really enjoying reading your blog.
    Louise x

    • Hi Louise, lol I know what you mean about eating it all it’s so good. I highly recommend aerial yoga its so much fun, I’m thrilled you like my blog thank you so much! Thank you k x

  • Aerial yoga looks so much fun!! I also use a fitness app, mostly because I use the fitbit and that really motivates me! I tend to work out first thing in the morning, that way there’s no excuses later on when I’m “too tired” to work out.

    Lovely tips, thanks 🙂

    Ree xx // Coffee with Ree

    • A fellow Fitness tracker user, ditto they are so good. Congratulations working out in the morning I struggle with morning work out’s….. Yes the aerial yoga was so much fun we laughed all the way through! k x

  • Aerial yoga looks interesting, I would like to try it! I haven’t tried headspace, it sounds good, I might check it out x

    • Headspace is the best, so user friendly and easy to fit in your day being 10 minutes. Thank you . k x

  • I am currently doing a lot of swimming. Getting my mojo back.

    • I love swimming too, such a relaxing way to get fit, thanks for stoping by. k x

  • Jacqueline

    Fab article K! Love all of the circus and aerial yoga fitness, such a fun and challenging way to get long limbed, toned bodies. I’m also swearing by meditation daily also – it changes my life. I’m going to check out some of the apps you recommend. x

    • Glad you liked it Jacqueline it’s so lovely to get feedback, meditation does make such difference it completely calms the mind I agree. Thank you for the comment. k x