Lifestyle: Daily Resolutions

Lifestyle: Daily Resolutions

Youthful January the month of new beginnings. A year of possibilities lie ahead….

I’m not one for new years resolutions as I find them ineffective, half way through the year can you even remember what they were…?

So Last year I chose one word – To use to try to shape my life and the word I chose was fearless. Not scared to start a blog, not scared to chase a new career, not scared to let go of negative people and influences, not scared of certain situations. No fear – nothing/nada.    One word can be just as effective as many.

Daily Resolutions

Another realistic way: Make them Daily….

Here’s 4 good ones (but you can swap them as your own life requires)

1. Balance – Accept your failures as much as your success. No bodies perfect if your day didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Tomorrow is another chance to get it right. Give up the guilt.

2. Dream Big – To dream big you need self confidence, and for this you need to be fearless. Face your fears and big dreams no longer seem scary

3. Be Grateful – Improve emotional health with a conscious effort to feel gratitude. On a daily basis comparison as envy is almost a form of self-abuse. Materialism can also eat away at gratitude.

4. Laugh Lots – Don’t take life too seriously. Create your own calm.

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  • 007twinkles .

    Fearless… I like it! I went along with a similar concept too, mine was an expression. If I make lots of resolutions I have usually forgotten what they were come February 😀

    • Thanks for the feed back Twinkles great to know it worked for some one else too. K x

  • pearsonlaurauk

    Like looking at tomorrow as another chance x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    • Thank you – Yes I was the queen of feeling guilty about stuff ! Not any more and I feel so much better x k

  • fantastic goals and all the best at achieving them although they seem rather realistic to me

  • Thank you . Great to find your blog too really interesting as I have a toddler as well x

  • Sheepishly Charlotte

    Simple but so true! We put so much pressure on ourselves and it doesn’t do any good!

  • Katie

    I love how you’ve used the diptyque candle for another purpose, I’ll definitely be trying that as the glasses are so lovely!

    • Thank you yes I use them for all sorts bathroom storage & make up brush holders are also good ones. k x

  • Sandra

    Love the whole blog.