Lash and Brow Tinting At Home – Everything You Need To Know

Lash and Brow Tinting At Home

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday and want to enjoy swimming without the worry of panda eyes or simply want to embrace the current beauty collective of fresh dewy skin with natural looking lashes that are separated and defined (but not overly dramatic). Less about making an impact and more about enhancing and defining. Then at home tinting could be for you, tinting is an effective solution for taking barely-there lashes or brows and turning them into semi-permanent dark, glossy frames.

*Do not tint your brows directly after a full wax or shape. Perform a patch test 24hrs before if you have never previously tinted your lashes or brows – apply a dab of dye to your wrist leave for 5 minutes, wipe off and wait overnight. No irritation? Then you’re good to go.
Cleanse the eye/brow area with a non-oily makeup remover, next apply a barrier cream (petroleum jelly a.k.a Vaseline works best) underneath and above the eye if tinting your lashes or for brow tinting line around the edges of the hairs where you don’t want the tint to take. You can also use tint protectors (little paper shields) these stick onto the vaseline under your eyes which adds a further level of protection.
Next if for brows mix the tint and the developing lotion together it is important you follow the quantities stated on the packet to ensure optimal results. For lashes either mix the two components together or as with Colorsports new formula 30-day mascara * there’s no mixing required  – genius less time, less mess more accuracy.
For brows use an old clean mascara wand or the brow spoolie provided if you’re using a kit, brush the tint over your brows exactly as you would a brow gel, slow and precise is the key here take your time (wear an old top in case of dye splashes) and aim to coat just the brows not the skin below with the tint (also using the spoolie in the opposite direction to the hair growth ensures a thorough coating of the hairs).
For lashes, if using a no mix kit apply the lash colour solution liquid using a cotton bud to the lashes (close and open your eyes to coat the top lashes) wait for 1 minute then apply the colour gel and leave for 1 minute. If you’re using the developer lotion and dye cream method you would simply apply the mixed tint to the lashes. There is actually no need for your eyes to remain closed as is done in a salon, you can tint your lashes yourself just as well by applying the tint in exactly the same manner as mascara. Furthermore,if you keep your eyes open and have applied the tint carefully there is less chance of the tint getting into your eyes – thus avoiding any stinging.
 Lash and Brow Tinting At Home
Waiting times – generally go as advised in the guidelines for the brand you are using.
Brows – As a guide myself on clients I leave to develop 4 minutes – remove and check if they are not dark enough re-apply – this process takes just minutes once you’ve had some practice and ensures you don’t go too dark too quickly.
Lashes – As a guide myself on clients for tint and developer that has to be mixed I leave 5-7 minutes this ensures a rich deep colour if using a pre mixed tint it’s ready in just one minute.
Remove the tint slowly using warm water, cooled rose water (my favorite) or a makeup remover using a combination of cotton buds and cotton pads. By removing slowly there should be no stinging if the tint does enter the eye simply flush out with cold water (lash and brow tints are specifically designed for use around the eye area it is not hair dye, and hair dye should never be used especially on the lashes) Lash and brow tinting kits are available via Colorsport.

Have you tried lash and brow tinting at home is it something you would consider?

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  • Very nice kit and it look like a good idea. However I’m prone to cyst around the eyes (nothing serious just little spot that usually clear it within a day) so I tend not to use products (except eye shadow) around the eyes part.
    A nice review and blog post, thank you for sharing this. xx

  • Beautyqueenuk

    You have explained this so incredibly well, such a fab post x

  • TalontedLex

    I always thought I would be too scared to try this myself but you’ve made it sound a lot less frightening!

  • I’ve never tinting my brows but this post was really helpful. I have thought about having my lashes done! xo

  • Kira L Curtis

    I’ve always wanted to know about lash tinting. I have extremely blonde eyelashes and would love it if they were brown or even black since I’m forever going through mascara!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Great post I have some friends that need to read this.

  • beautykinguk

    You have explained it really well, I would definitely blind myself!

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I think I am still too scared to do this myself at home!

  • Leanne Dolan

    I want to do this myself at home as my brows are SO light but Im a bit scared! i might have to leave it to a professional!

  • I’ve never tried tinting my brows before but it sounds interesting!

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