Gift Ideas For Your BFF

Gift Ideas For Your BFF


Gift ideas for your BFF, I love buying gifts for my BFF’s I love the whole process finding that extra special item wrapping, boxing and finding the perfect card. To help you come up with a few ideas of your own, I thought I’d share mine for inspiration. I hope they help you on your next BFF gift buying mission!


1. Put your picture on it.

I adore cute inspirational notebooks where I work, its helps me stay more organised and they just look so pretty. My favourite way to customise them with a little BFF love is by personalising them with a few of your favourite pictures together. A crazy night out or an incredible holiday you both had, ensuring a smile every time they go to use it.


2. Bangles, bracelets & baubles.

I think that cute bracelets are the perfect way of giving someone a token of your friendship, I’m loving rose gold at the moment, cute dangling good luck charms and hamsa hands. Choices that you can mix and match, stacking together with other bracelets. I often give raw crystals as home additions – clear quartz is a great starter crystal, ideal for the monochrome home its properties include stimulating the immune system, healing and positive energy. It also clears background radiation so perfect to pop on your work desk. I love including this crystal love in bracelet form. These gorgeous ones from ChloBo are part of the Luna Soul collection my favourite is made out of Labradorite who’s properties include blocking negative energy (excellent for those who have a tendency to pick up on other people’s emotional issues). Bracelets with added benefits!


Gift Ideas For Your BFF


3. That something extra special.

There is no joy with out comfort, an extra special body lotion such as the dreamy new Jo Malone release Basil & Neroli. I also like to buy my BBF something they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves  a Chanel nail polish or a Tomford lipstick to add that little extra element of lux.

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Do you have any gift-buying great ideas? I’d love to hear them!

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  • Very nice post. Cute ideas for gifts to remind your best friend of the friendship you share 😉

  • I wish I had more female friends to do this sort of thing with!

    Nicola //

  • The Sunday Mode

    Getting my best friend a present always takes me such a long time! I love getting her personalised things though, the more I can personalise and tailor to her the better in my opinion.

  • Jo Smith

    Sometimes, just spending the day/evening with them is enough I find. Gifts are less of a requirement when you’re so so close. Those bangles are lovely in the picture here tho – tempted I just say ha!

  • I love those bracelets 🙂 I think personalised gifts are the way to go, making memories, sharing them and then saving 🙂

  • Lovely gift ideas. I really love those bracelets!

  • Ickle Pickle

    Some lovely ideas – the bracelets are gorgeous. I love personalised gifts too. Kaz x

  • Ohh great ideas, I love something personalized <3

  • Great ideas, i think personalised things always make a good present as you can tell effort has gone into the thought behind it x

  • Love this post! BFF’s are there to be treasured.