Lifestyle: Fitness Focus #2

Lifestyle: Fitness Focus #2

Take the plunge, with a read of this month’s health and fitness focus. Today I’m sharing with you all a few of the online resources, app’s, healthy bites, inspiring reads and classes I’ve been enjoying recently (plus an awesome discount code).

I’ve always loved the duality of January, a time of reflection and also a time of anticipation of what is to come my personal intention this year was to become more mindful – if you’ve never delved into mindfulness it’s simply giving the present moment your full attention, not just paying attention to the outer world but also to your own personal inner world. Eliminating unhelpful or unresourceful patterns of thought by changing your daily mental routine which allows for more positive thoughts – thus allowing for more joy, which ultimately equals – Happiness – and surely true success is measured by happiness? It about shifting out of that auto pilot mode. The benefits of mindfulness include: higher success in reaching personal goals, the ability to dismiss negative and fiery emotions easier (with out letting them ruin your day), higher and more stable self esteem, reduced stress, reduced anxiety, increased well being, the reduction of sabotaging behaviour (addictions in any form) and increased HAPPINESS – Mindfulness is a fitness work out for the brain. Books offer plans, exercises, rituals and/or meditations or there are also mindfulness classes.

Lifestyle: Fitness Focus #2

Next Juicing: When I first started juicing I was happy to add various health boosting powders such as spirulina to my (almost) daily juice (and pretend it tasted great…) but in reality it didn’t and the powders quickly lost their appeal.

Enter the hugely popular LA based juice brand Moon Juice – Moon juice initially started out as a juice brand but has since branched out into developing a really awesome range of dusts and powders. These all natural organic transformative powders are unlike anything else out there and can be added to juices, smoothies, hot drinks or desserts. There’s a selection of dusts, spirit, brain, action, beauty, heart and good night all brimming with the ingredients we are already familiar with along side bio active minerals, herbs and adaptogens plants and they make some seriously delicious drinks – you see these health boosting potions actually taste amazing! Moon Dust Mini Collection via Urban Outfitters (USA)

Wonderush* is a really cool innovation that I’ve been trialing for a few months now (I also have an amazing reader discount code for you all too!) Imagine trying out unlimited classes and activities across London, a service  that allows you to try something new every day and I mean hundreds of different things that you can do in London everyday everywhere city wide. The variety of classes, events, outing’s and entertainment is mind boggling! I naturally gravitate to the fitness classes (you can attend the same class twice in one month) but the creative writing classes and pottery lessons are next on my list. There are concerts, wine tasting, ukalalie classes, photography classes and more. It’s just brilliant I can’t recommend it enough and so much fun – if you want to get out and try something new in 2016 and #liveMoreAwesome. Here’s that unbelievable offer: Trial 1 month of Wonderush for £1! (usual cost £29) use code THINGSTODO here.

Finally, I bought a fitness program from the lovely Sophie from Way Of Grey. I’ve checked out fitness programs before from people I follow on youtube and Instagram and they have always been quite expensive so when I saw Sophie’s boxing day offer of $24 for a three month program of follow along video routines, a seven day meal plan plus recipes I decided to give it a go!

I’m a fan of fitness plan’s as they increase motivation, you have a starting point (a reference) a journey to complete (set number of weeks/months ect) and a goal. I purchased The Love Yourself Lifestyle Bundle which is 48 exercise videos – 4 per week (Sophie really believes in giving the body rest days) each work out is 30 minutes progressing to 50 further along and is in my opinion a cross between HIT and a core/full body workout which can be done from the space of your mat. Impressions: Firstly I cannot believe that 4 days of 30 minutes could be so effective and I’ve tried a lot of classes to say that I can actually notice a difference in two weeks is the absolute truth and I hate all those wild internet claims. I have stuck to the VERY CLEAN eating plan almost every day (with the addition of protein as Sophie’s plan is vegan) I’m completely obsessed – Sophie has such a lovely manner in the video’s and every day there is a intro reminding you why you started and how great you’ve done so far.

I hope you enjoy today’s quarterly installment of Fitness Focus, let me know your thought’s below.







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  • Lizzie firstooth

    I’m on a health kick so this has been really interesting. The moon juice sounds lush! I have two children so I find fitting in fitness really difficult but I think some kind of plan is much easier to stick to, will have to have a look into that

    • I have a 4 year old and can still manage to complete it with him coming to join in every once in a while lol. Being shorter in time but more intense really works fitting it in around jobs/work. Thanks for stopping by. K x

  • I do a bit of mindfulness in my shower in the morning, it’s very helpful. On the other hand, I still don’t understand the point of juicing stuff, it breaks all the essential fibres into useless stuff for our gut flora (we NEED intact fibres for immunity, metabolism and normal transit), and it also extract natural fruit and veggie sugars so that your body sees it the same way as proper sugar from fizzy drinks – not good!

  • Lucy – BakingQueen74

    The fitness plan sounds great and excellent value – thanks for the tip!

  • VintageFolly

    I’m a strong supporter of being more mindful – it really makes a difference. I’ll be leaving the fitness plans well alone until I’ve recovered from pregnancy 🙂

    • That’s great too here I’m really focusing on it this year as well – Its really does seem to increase happiness levels. k x

  • Jacqueline

    Amazing blog Miss K! Some great ideas that I never even knew existed. xx

  • Little Sunny Kitchen

    I’ve also been trying to be more healthy, the fitness plan sounds wonderful! xx

    • Yep its a winner I would definitely recommend checking it out. K x

  • Rachel Bustin

    When I have had my baby, which could be anyday now! I am going to get back into more exercise and this plan sounds really good! xx

    • Oh congratulations in advance! Yes I remember myself I couldn’t wait to get back into some kind of fitness regime after. Thanks for the comment. k x

  • Rhian Westbury

    I am really intrigued by the moon dust things, I might have to keep an eye on them when I head to the States later this year x

  • La French Connection

    Oh I’d love to try that! I’ve neglected my juicer recently but I should definitely use it again!

  • FloraLoo Two

    The fitness plan sounds awesome – I need all the help I can get when it comes to motivation! The powders definitely seem interesting too (also they look super cute which can only be a bonus)!
    Laura x

  • fashion-mommy

    Wonderush does sound really good, especially as you get the opportunity to try new things.

  • Anya

    I love how you started your post – great suggestion about the present moment. if only this would be as easy but this is exactly what I needed to hear… Thanks!