When And Why To Have A Facial ?

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When And Why To Have A Facial?

So do you really need a facial? As a beautician I see facials as a top up to your daily skin care routine, a way to perk up your skin and help it get its glow on. So how do you know if you should get one? My advice Is: Do you feel you are in a skin care rut, has your skin lost its glow, are you having break outs or do you want to try to improve the general over all condition of your skin. Although many other factors affect our skin such as diet, the environment (pollution,excessive heat,sun or cold) and beauty regime. By adapting a few healthy changes and investing in a facial. It is possible to improve the appearance of your skin.

What should my facial include?

Firstly getting a facial will allow you to get a professional skin analysis and your beautician should tell you the best types of products and home care regime that suits your skin. Some times simple changes can make a big difference.

A professional facial should include the following steps (or a variation on them) A skin analysis, a thorough cleansing of the skin, a professional exfoliation, steam/ozone and extractions of blackheads (optional) high frequency (optional more suited for oily or congested skin) a facial massage, a treatment mask, and the application of serums, moisturizers and application of a sunscreen (optional for sensitive skin).

Massage is a big part of a professional facial and unfortunately it’s hard replicate it quite so well on your self even with the proper training. Massage with the use of warm steam opens the pores, increases circulation and improves the vascular and lymphatic system thus helping the skin to suck up all those delicious professional products on a deeper level.  

when and why to have a facial


The results

If you have normal skin and are just wanting a rejuvenating boost then the results will be immediate after your facial (or should be), the same can be said for mature skin and the plumping out of fine lines. Break out prone skin may take a little longer a few sessions and confirmed acne in my opinion should only be treated by a dermatologist. Although a beautician could give you loads of free advice on the subject. The results of your facial do wane in time but nothing can last forever (wouldn’t it be great if it could though!) but the one result that will remain is a general over all improvement in the surface of the skin if of course combined with the before said diet and home care regime.


How Often?

Well the recommendation is usually a course to achieve the desired results then a maintenance session once a month, wouldn’t it be great if we all had the cash to commit to that. But if you are really wanting improve your skins appearance I can safely say once a month will produce results. Some facials out there are equal to weeks rent. The basic facial with the steps I listed above will still give you the results I mentioned, but if you’ve got a spare £200 for the latest “craze” go for it. But realistically; Go as your budget allows, Go when you think your skin needs a boost or go when you just need a treat!

If you have any questions about facials, feel free to ask away in the comments box below. When And Why To Have A Facial

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