Dry Skin SOS: Peace Balm Body & Bath Duo

Beauty: Peace Balm Body & Bath Duo

Dry Skin SOS: Peace Balm Body & Bath Duo. Dry skin can flare up in winter or it can be a life long condition and it’s usually caused by two determining factors, external influences such as central heating (which dries out the skin due to reduced humidity) harsh weather/sun exposure, excessively hot baths (overly tight skin after bathing may indicate excess removal of natural skin oils), harsh detergents/chemical exposure or internal influences such as overall health, genetics, internal medical conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, ageing and medication.

BUT – whether the cause internal or external the symptoms are the same roughness, tightness, fine lines/cracks, Itching, flaking and scaling.

Which is why I was excited to try this all natural balm that promised impressive results. Peace balm is a multi-function intensely moisturising ointment it’s extremely thick and has no obtrusive fragrance. It’s an intensive salve that specifically soothes distressed, irritated and sensitive skin, for any area’s your regular moisturiser isn’t enough Peace Balm will provide a hefty extra bout of hydration.

Uses: Shaving rash, chapping, dry skin on face, ears, neck, hands, elbows, feet), long haul flights, irritation, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis (offering a cortison alternative) or professions that work with their hands in harsh conditions (nurses, hairdressers, cleaners ect) as peace balm not only soothes but it acts as a barrier against water.

Whilst I couldn’t use Peace Balm on my face as my everyday moisturiser it would be far too rich, those with eczema or tight dry skin may want to slather it all over on makeup free days. I like the fact it’s paraben, paraffin, silicone, mineral oil as well as synthetic scent free utilising only 21 natural ingredients. Peace balm worked like a comfort blanket for my skin, bringing back a soft and smooth feeling. Peace Balm 15mg £14.90

The second part of this SOS duo is Peace Bath – A soothing restorative bath soak specifically designed to nurture and moisturise dry skin it harnesses the brand’s signature moisture complex of nigella and blackcurrant oils along with magnesium chloride salts. It provided some much needed deep skin nourishment and lasting moisturization. Peace Bath 300g £29.90

So does this duo get my beauty therapist vote? Yes, it counters any skin upset’s be it dry skin patches, little scratches, burns or irritation this brand has earned it’s space on my SOS skincare shelf.

** Do you suffer with dry skin during colder months?






















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  • Sandra

    My skin always needs help, especially in the Winter months. Really must give this duo a try.
    Sounds amazing. Thanks Kara.

  • Frankly Flawless

    My sin is definitely drier during winter so this is a great one to check out. Is it safe for children too – I’m just thinking my niece has some eczema patches?

    • Its suitable from birth, my little boy has eczema and it worked a treat he kept asking for the sticky cream. Its a good natural alternative to the usual doctors recommendations. k x