Designer To High Street – Autumn Berry Nail Polishes

Designer To High Street - Autumn Berry Nail Polishes

Hello, Autumn The leaves are golden and falling and we are all layering up in our snuggly knits.

So why, do we all love Berry so much as this season’s shade of choice? Well, It has to be its ultra flattering versatility. It works with all skin tones, an array of our darker toned winter outfits. So it’s no wonder it’s the reliable autumn/winter shade of choice. So along with this season’s new “it” colours; The Iconic berry as always is right up in there. This season’s take on the shade is a touch more purpley almost taking berry right down to a black cherry. (see the Tom Ford’s Black Cherry Limited Edition eeek it’s on my designer wish list!). But below are three of my top picks from do-able designer to affordable high street.

Designer To High Street - Autumn Berry Nails

Designer To High Street - Autumn Berry Nails

Burberry – Elderberry

This is just a beautiful shade, Elderberry is just the perfect name as if you have ever seen elderberries it’s exactly that. Its absolutely bang on the cherry berry shade that’s one of the “it” colours for this season. It’s also not quite as expensive as some of the other designer brands that are branching out into nail polishes so at £15.00 if you want a piece of cat walk colour this is the one to go for. It requires a two coat application and dries to a high gloss. The bottle looks like a mini but in fact it’s not, it’s just hidden under the lid. Burberry Elderberry £15.00

Essie – Sole Mate

Essie; Always on trend, affordable and long lasting. I love this brand, Sole Mate is easy to apply and dries quickly. It takes two coats for full coverage and has a nice glossy finish. This more affordable shade is slightly more plummy but extremely close to the above Burberry (which is close to the coveted Tom Ford which is ridiculously over priced). It’s a good shade for all skin tones. Essie Sole Mate £7.99

Rimmel Salon Pro – Venus

You’ve got to love Rimmel for taking on all the big brands at such an affordable price. This particular one is part of the “Kate” Range and is called “Salon Pro With Lycra”. Sounds like a gimmick, nope… the formula is so glossy you could easily get away with one coat of this colour and still be good to go. It has a short handled brush making it very easy to apply. If your not fond of this shade there are also a few other berry colours available. Rimmel Venus £4.49

So Do you have any killer Berry shades that you just Love! Feel free to share them in the comments box below.

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  • Jacqueline

    I’m going to buy the Essie one – thanks Miss K!