Dark Morning Pick Me Up’s

Dark Morning Pick Me Up's

Dark Morning Pick Me Up’s

The temperatures are dipping and the arrival of winter days and all-around holiday mania feels, well, imminent. But the one negative about moving into the winter season has to be the dark mornings (and afternoons for that fact) So not staying on a negative note for long here is a Dark Morning Pick Me Up Routine to help you wake up when it’s still dark outside.



Before reaching for the coffee, there are a few ways to naturally increase energy levels in the morning that also include a few health boosting properties in the process.

Some ingredients to look for in herbal tea blends: are Ginseng which is energising, stimulating and immune boosting. Ginger which stimulates the circulatory system, helps to clear the mind and stimulates the brain. Finally liquorice improves low energy levels, as it works to restore the adrenal glands which can be been worn out by too much stress. Even simpler is sliced lemon, hot water and a slice of ginger refreshing, hydrating and detoxing all in one.

Or Get a juice Boost – Fresh juice can provide instant energy as it contains micro nutrients that are quickly absorbed giving you a natural energy boost (just make sure to include lots of green vegetables in your mix)

Awesome Tea – Pukka Refresh £2.99



Before you get in the shower or whilst in. Wake up that circulatory system; Massage whether its via a body brush or body scrub is a great invigorating way to wake up and stimulate the lymphatic system soothing the mind, improving circulation, boosting energy and helping to detox toxins.


  • Begin at the ankles in upwards movements towards the heart – the lymphatic fluid flows through the body towards the heart, so it’s important that you scrub in the same direction.
  • Apply Your scrub to dry skin unless otherwise stated on the bottle.
  • Finish your scrub session with a rinse down of cool/cold water this will further invigorate the skin and stimulate blood circulation helping to expel any toxins.

Awesome Body Scrub – Origins Gloom Away™ Grapefruit Body Scrub £21.00



Natures natural cures I can’t get enough of aromatherapy. It’s so goooood, so effective and so addictive. Sprinkle a few drops of either lemon, lime or grapefruit in your shower or bath and let them work there magic. Alternatively try a ready blended aromatherapy body wash. If you haven’t tried real essential oils you must ! It doesn’t compare to those body washes in the supermarkets that claim to uplift and awaken unfortunately most are synthetic fragrances with none of the mind boosting properties that real essential oils contain.

Awesome Aromatherapy Body Wash – Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Wash £25.00

Dark Morning Pick Me Up's

Instead of using a body lotion that contains a host of chemicals reach, for a natural alternative that can also help to revive you mentally and physically as well as providing moisturising results. A quick easy awesome alternative to the sometimes pricey body lotions, is coconut oil (either fragranced or un fragranced) whipped up as in this simple recipe by the coconut mama or just straight out the jar mixed in the palm of your hands with your favourite uplifting essential oil. Simple.

And finally if your hair is feeling a little dry from the summer sun now is the time to replenish and restore. This hair oil from Alchemy smells good enough to eat. It leaves your hair silky and smooth if used over night as a mask or I use it to smooth over fly away ends in the morning. So I’m coated from head to toe (literally) in an uplifting cloud of goodness whilst treating my hair at the same time.

Awesome Hair Treatment Oil – *Alchemy Grapefruit Hair Remedy £17.99


What do you do to get through early dark morning starts ? I’d love to know drop a comment in the box below.



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