Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner – Review

Benefit they're real liner

Benefit  They’re Real Push Up Liner – Review 

The new gel eye liner release from Benefit. It’s been causing quite a stir in the beauty world since its release in July. Possibly as Benefit have been hugely successful with its sister product They’re Real Mascara which is consistently ranked as the number one selling Mascara in the UK.

So is it worth the hype ?

As we all know eyeliner Is not one of the easiest make up products to apply, so benefit in a sense have tried to alleviate that problem by providing a gel formula, but instead of it coming in the usual traditional pot, it comes in a pen (this is the first of its kind on the market) they have also combined this with an AccuFlex™ Tip which is basically a soft flexible nib that by twisting the products base, the gel is emitted at the point.  Having road tested this product for a full three weeks here is the full review plus the pros and Cons …..

benefit the real push up liner


Having tried many a liner and let’s be honest we are spoilt for choice at the moment with numerous options to choose from such as gel, pencil or felt tip. I found the They’re Real Push Up Liner, Yes easy to apply but it dries almost immediately with in less than a minute so if you need to adjust any errors you have to be super quick! The nib allows the standard cat flick quite well although if I were doing a more intricate design I would go back to something like a mac gel pot with a flat angled brush as it gives a much crisper line. But I have to say the nib is amazing it really does glide over the lid, apparently we will be seeing more companies launch these soft type liner nibs later in the year….

Staying  Power

This has been quite an issue; believe it or not since its launch. Once the liner is set this product just does not budge! It does not wash off with soap and water and a lot of the main stream creamy eye cleansers have little or no impact. So much so, that benefit launched a remover specifically to take it off called They’re Real Remover.  Heavy oil based eye make up removers will also work as does a natural alternative such as coconut oil.

Colour / Payoff 

The colour in the liner is outstanding it is jet black matt and highly pigmented so if your one of those people who love really black as black liner you will love this.

benefit the real push up liner swatches .


  • Fuss free pen application
  • waterproof
  • no migrating or fading during the day
  • intensely pigmented


  • Dries fast giving little time to correct errors
  • product waste as the old dry product needs to be removed from the nib upon each fresh use
  • Too bulky for intricate super thin lining
  • could take a few attempts to get used to the nib


Benefit products are available online @ or


Please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the box below.


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  • Oh my this seems like it could end up messy esp if you aren’t accustomed with gel liners.

    Still worth a try 🙂

    • Benefit recommend wiping any excess on the back of your palm before starting if too much product is released and that seemed to work fine for me . Yes I could agree it may take a few practice goes if you haven’t used gel liner before – Good point – thanks KARA

  • I’m hearing such mixed reviews about this!

    • Yes me too ! which is why I had to try it myself . I didn’t find it flakey as some reviews have suggested and too hard to remove . I really like it and found with simple coconut oil even it was easy to take off .
      It may be just a love or hate product lol
      Thanks for the comment

  • Jacqueline

    you use Coconut oil to take off make-up? Blog please 🙂

    • Yes its a little known secret for eye makeup removal it works great !
      k x