Beauty: Sunday Pamper Sesh

Beauty: Sunday Pamper Sesh

Waking refreshed, prepared and ready for the week ahead on Monday, usually involves a Sunday evening pamper session for me and after many years of working in the beauty industry, here’s my personal pamper routine that involves a few elements and relaxation methods taken directly from spa treatments.

1. Cleanse & Massage – I use coconut oil to remove eye makeup, it’s effective get gentle and removes even the most stubborn of waterproof products. Second cleanse with any kind of balmish cleanser, that will provide enough slip for massage my current favourite is the Pure Truth Melting Cleanser from Ole Henriksen. Massage is any facialist’s best trick and it’s easy to incorporate a little into your routine to help expel toxins that will ultimately be making your skin look tired, dull and droopy. There’s plenty of facial massage tutorials out there which will explain in more detail, but a good starting point is to move the fingers in a flicking motion upwards over the face, repeat until the skin feels warm and looks pink. Once finished spritz with a light natural toner such as Jurlique’s Rose Water Balancing Mist – full review here (if you have problem skin La Roche-Posay Serozinc is a good calming option)

2. Exfoliate – A luxurious body scrub, as well as leaving skin silky and smooth will allow any product applied afterwards to penetrate to a deeper level (always work towards the heart) starting with the soles of the feet and working upwards. The body scrub I’m loving at the moment is from the South African brand rain which uses a rich cocktail of botanical oils and native herbs to reveal luminous dewy skin.

Beauty: Sunday Pamper Sesh

3. Candles & Rock That Detox – Light your favourite aromatherapy candle and relax, I’m currently adoring this one from Ted Baker in Miami between the packaging and the fragrance I’m hooked. Next just like spa body wraps that work transdermally on the skin using algae’s, clay’s, minerals and essential oils. You can re-create your own detox by adding Himalayan salt, Magnesium flakes or clay’s to your bath. Simply add 2 cup’s of each or all to your bath and soak for at least 20 minutes (You can read my full detox bath post here)

4. Rejuvenate – Whilst you’re detoxing provides the perfect opportunity to pop on a little rejuvenating mask. A flash mask I’m enjoying at the moment is Ole Henriksen’s Lemon Flash Peel, It offers a multi-acid approach which I find is more effective. It feel’s a little tingly (almost equal to an in-salon treatment) when first applied…..but Minimal effort, super results. Not recommended for sensitive skin. Contains no parabens, sulphates or phthalates

Beauty: Sunday Pamper Sesh

5. Moisturise – Indulge in an uber hydrating body moisturiser, I swap between using nourishing blended oils such as Essentials Relaxing massage Oil (which I adore so much I often rub it on my forearms during the day when I’m typing to de-stress) or a rich luxe solid body butter such as Naturals Beauty Vanilla Body Butter an indulgent trio of avocado butter, macadamia oil and almond oil or simply customise your own body lotion spa style by adding a few drops of essential oils to suit your mood.

6. Renew – Finish off with an indulgent night cream, facial oil or serum to restore and re moisturise the skin. I chose Dr.Perricone MD’s Chia Serum, the serum is packed with omega 3 fatty acids which plump and boost the complexion whilst you sleep. No, paraben’s effectively natural and in keeping with the whole above detox pamper and renew theme. Suitable for all skin types except active acne.

So there’s my top tips to detox and reboot for the week ahead. Do you have a favourite product or pamper routine Let me know?

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  • Laura

    Ooh I love a good pamper on a Sunday, your routine sounds similar to mine! xxx

    • Ha it’s about a bit of “me time”. Thanks for the comment k x

  • Elizabeth

    As a woman who takes about 30 seconds to remove her mascara (the only make up I wear!) with a bit of toilet tissue, and washes her face with a facecloth with only water this is a fascinating insight into an entirely different lifestyle! How long does this pampering session take?! 🙂 Sounds like fun though, I ought to give it a go some day.

    • Not too long… 30 mins max the body scrub 5 mins facial cleanse and massage 5-8 mins and 20 minutes minimum in the detox bath the mask is applied for 10 mins whilst in the bath then its just your body moisturiser and face product as normal. I find it really rejuvenates me for the week or if you’ve had a stressful week. Thanks for the comment k x

  • Laura Rocksteady

    Oh wow I could do with a Sunday pampering session that is for sure. I really need to take a little bit more “me-time” and this post is inspiring me to do that – thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  • Gosh I felt relaxed just reading that! Your pictures are so wonderful I felt like I was at a spa, I will really have to try this sometime 😀

    • Thank you Kat what a lovely compliment. k x (yes I def recommend the detox bath!)

  • Hannah Boxall

    what a relaxing post to read! x

  • Sounds like a good way to relax and refresh oneself! Should try 🙂

    • I really enjoyed your post the solo day . Thanks for stopping by k x

  • I love a good pamper session. My nightly routine used to consist of a bit of eyemakeup removal and that was it, but now I take a bit more time to nourish my skin and I do think that it helps. Lovely photos too! x

    • Thank your kind feedback with the photo’s (it’s really great to hear that being super critical of them). I love the blue chick in your latest post it’s so cute! and the box swap idea I participated in a beauty box swap recently and really enjoyed it.

  • Sandra

    Definitely a pamper session on the way for me. Such soothing writing and photograpy.

  • Allure Obsessed

    Definitely looks amazing!!!! xo