Beauty: Notable LA ROCHE-POSAY Products

Beauty: Notable Products LA ROCH-POSEY

A mini haul from LA ROCHE-POSAY, France is famously good for skincare, known for their highly effective formulas, reasonable prices and their use of hydrating thermal water a few of my favourite french brands include Thalgo for its beautiful body treatments (think collagen, algaes & minerals), Academie for its divine facial treatments and LA ROCHE-POSAY for it’s problem-solving products.

So having the chance to browse round my local pharmacy who carry the entire LA ROCHE-POSAY range I re stocked with few favourites.

Starting off with Redermic, the Redermic range branches into two sections Redermic R (contains retinol vitamin A) and Redermic C (contains vitamin C)  both have anti ageing properties the Redermic C could be used from the early 20’s progressing to retinol’s in your mid to late 20’s or as lifestyle warrants (unless for acne – under direction). Both these products offer an entry level product at a reasonable price. Yes Sunday Riley Luna sounds amazing (also contains retinol’s) it is a slightly different compound and has a fantastic delivery system with oils and algae but you certainly pay for it at £85 – 30ml so if your not sure if retinol’s are for you or are still a bit scared (of the redness and peeling rumours – which should subside after initial use) then this is a notable starter product as it gives excellent results for the price.  Suitable for all skin types (not for use in pregnancy in my opinion, use every 2/3 nights)

Beauty: Notable LA ROCH-POSEY Products

Next Redermic C which can be used together with the above product (although at separate times Redermic C in the morning Redermic R in the evening) or alone, I am loving skincare containing vitamin C right now (and feel it’s having a moment) I have a list of ones I want to try (Kate Sommerville Mega C Duel Radiance Serum $90 & Dr Sebah vitamin C Powder Cream £79) How it works/ what it does? Vitamin C is a mega antioxidant it scavenges free radicals produced by the body due to diet, environmental pollution and UVA/UVB rays from the sun (these free radicals cause premature ageing) it also encourages collagen renewal and lightens discolouration – It improves skin luminosity. (suitable for all skin types – start slowly especially with sensitive skin, combining with deep exfoliation could cause/will probably cause irritation)

I also re -purchased the famed zero zinc which I use after exfoliating with a brush cleanser during my at-home facial routine to re moisturise and calm any redness before applying a serum. A mini Eau Thermale (spring water spritzer) for refreshing after sticky tube journeys and finally Post Helios a melt-in gel aftersun (this preparation is only paraben free) but works great for softening sun dryed skin, I use this in combination with a natural (treatment type/botanical) after sun from DR. Hauschka.

If you’re having trouble tracking down LA ROCHE-POSAY in the UK one of the best places I’ve found online is via Escentual Beauty.

So that’s my notable skin care from LA ROCHE-POSAY which offers some purse friendly alternatives to similar high-end products. Let me know your thoughts or questions?












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  • OhHay!

    I love La Roche Posay! I use the Duo one and it’s so great for my skin! I would love to try more of them once I have more money… or if I get more boots vouchers!

  • I’ve heard of them but never tried them before. You take very good photos xx

    Great Post! 🙂

    • They really are a great brand really effective products at such an affordable price. thanks for stopping by k x

  • Emmy Elizabeth

    If you haven’t tried it, their Toleriane Ultra moisturizer is particularly amazing too. I just finished my bottle a few days ago, and am already missing it. Then again, everything I’ve used from this brand has been pretty spectacular in general, so theres that…


  • Such beautiful photos as always 🙂 I’ve been dying to try the serozinc but I’ve heard mixed reviews so I can’t decide if it’s worth the risk money-wise

  • Excellent post. i need to try more from the range, I have the Toleriane moisturiser but the one that helps control oil and it’s a staple for me now as i can’t find anything that works in the same way. Really interested in the serozinc. sabiha x

    • If you have oily skin the zero zinc would be the perfect addition. k x

  • Jane

    I love Serozinc, helps my oily skin a lot! I wish it would be easier to buy.

  • I absolutely love everything I’ve tried from La Roche Posay before, so this was such a great post for me! Serozonic is my favourite followed by Effaclar A.I, both of which has done wonders for my skin! Lovely post & photography x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    • Thank you for the lovely comment x yes such a great brand for results at an affordable price k x

  • Jacqueline

    Thanks Miss K, I just heard of this brand the other day from a friend, but didn’t know much about it. She swears by the zero zinc spray; must give it a try!

    • Hi J from what you’ve told me about your skin type the zero zinc would be perfect

  • I love your pictures! Also La Roche Posay is one of my favorite brands

    Jenna // Beauty And The Style

    • Oh thank you Jenna x yes they are such a great affordable and effective brand.

  • I started using the Serozinc spray back around February time and it has become a forever staple in my Skincare routine. It’s a fantastic little product. I prefer using it as a spray than spraying onto a cotton round, because I feel like it does more? (it probably does all the same, really) So I wish it would last just as long as a direct spray than spraying onto cotton ^_^

    Jon. x