Beauty: How To Do A Facial At Home

Beauty: How To Do A Facial At Home

Today’s post is a step by step guide of how to do a facial at home, included in each step are product recommendations (where possible) for each skin type  (If you are having persistent skin issues I would recommend a full consultation with a therapist/facialist/dermatologist who will take into account your existing home-care routine, diet, use of a woods lamp ect) whilst facials can change day-to-day and season to season according to the skins needs using these steps as a guide is a great place to start at home.

1. First cleanse – to any remove eye makeup and SPF products. Products: micellar water by Bioderma don’t just stick to the popular red labelled one choose the one that’s correct for your skin type. Sensibio (red)= Normal, sensitive & combination. Hydrabio (blue) dry & dehydrated skin. Sebium (green) blemished/acne prone. I also use coconut oil it’s so effective it removes even the toughest water proof eye makeup plus it’s affordable and completely natural. Wipe away residue gently with clean cotton pads.

2. Second Cleanse – A longer cleanse that should include some massage this is absolutely key in achieving the best results from your at-home facial. Massage is any facialist’s best trick and it’s easy to incorporate a little into your routine to help expel toxins that will ultimately be making your skin look tired, dull and droopy. There’s plenty of facial massage tutorials out there which will explain in more detail, but a good starting point is to move the fingers in a flicking motion upwards over the face, repeat until the skin feels warm and looks pink. Products: Ole Hendriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser all skin types (full review here) Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser Acne/blemish prone skin. You can also use your mechanical facial brush for the “cleansing” step at this stage instead, you can read my in-depth review of how to use them properly here with in your morning skincare routine (plus there’s a discount 70% code for you too that’s still valid. Use ABRACADABRA at the check out over @ )

Beauty: How To Do A Facial At Home

3. Toner – Apply with a cotton pad. Products: Breakout prone skin Pixi Glow Tonic look for glycolic or salicylic toners, LA ROCHE-POSAY Zero Zinc can also be used. Normal/dehydrated/sensitive skin Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner look for ingredients such as Algae, aloe vera or hyaluronic acid to help rehydrate the skin.

4. Steam – If you wanted to add this step you could but only with a good home steamer, steaming over a bowl of hot water can cause broken capillaries. Move the steamer around the face (avoiding the eye area) for approximately 5 minutes, alternately you can lay a warm wash cloth over the face for 5 minutes.

5. Mask/Double Mask –  Facialist’s and beauty therapist’s have been customising face masks for years and that’s basically what this involves in a simpler fashion using two masks for the areas on the face that have different requirements, for example, the t-zone and cheek area. I use a combination of Aesop Parsley Seed Mask for the t-zone (clay based for deep cleansing/purifying) with which ever Lush Fresh Face Mask is required for cheek’s and neck (current favourite the Sacred Truth Mask – It’s revitalising and anti-oxidant packed) have a play around with your favourite mask’s creating combo’s its great fun and gives lovely results.

Beauty: How To Do A Facial At Home

6. Refresh – Refresh the skin after taking off your mask acid toners are not used again at this stage. It’s time for facial mists, favourites include the Jurlique Face Mists (full review here) choose the correct one for your skin type they have a range of seven! Breakout prone skin again Zero Zinc. If you have normal to combination skin the LA ROCHE-POSAY Thermal Spring Water Facial Spray is outstanding and affordable at £5.95.

7. Eye Cream – Apply your eye cream before you apply your serum or treatments. Health & lifestyle choices greatly affect the eye area but choosing a treatment specific for your concern eg. puffiness or dark circles can help. You can start wearing an eye cream at any age eye creams are not specifically anti-aging treatment’s go with how you feel and your budget. Products: Zelens Triple-Action Eye Cream, Kate Summerville Under eye Repair, Ole Henriksen Ultimate Eye Lift Gel for cooling and de-puffing/allergies (overnight preferably) If you’re not sold on eye creams or the added cost… use your serum around the eye area instead.

8. Treatment’s/Serum’s/Exfoliant’s – overnight retinol, vitamin C treatments, hydrating boosters, anti-ageing serums, antioxidant serums, facial oils anything light enough to be applied under your moisturiser. This is the place to invest in your skincare routine if possible as most high-end serums/treatments/exfoliants contain higher concentrations of high performing quality ingredients with better delivery systems. If not there are some entry-level products that can offer similar results for example there are some amazing natural facial oils out there, retinol’s LA ROCHE-POSAY’s Redermic R has won countless awards, Drops Of Youth Concentrate from the Body Shop is also another affordable starter option. If using a chemical exfoliant at this stage remember use only 2/3 times per week and bear in mind any other exfoliating products/methods used prior to avoid over exfoliating, sensitising and stripping your skin.

9. Night Cream – Although other factor’s can be taken into account generally if you’re under 25 your day cream is fine to use at night. Nourishing/replenishing/rejuvenating options would be nice to finish this facial routine such as Emma Hardie Rejuvenating Night Cream, Aurilia Revitalise Intensive Night Treatment, Grown Alchemist Regenerating Cream with violet leaf (full review here) or Antipodes Nourishing Avocado Pear Night Cream.

10. Lips – Don’t forget the lips, I love Dr PAWPAW Lip Balm* I’ve had one in my kit for ages (but was more than happy to receive a backup) it’s basically one of the best pre-moisturising treatments to use before applying a strong lip colour I’ve found, not to mention as a fabulous everyday lip balm but right now we are using it as a moisturizing over night treatment so pop on a generous amount just before bed.

So that’s How To Do A Facial At Home obviously nothing can replace a long-term progressive professional skincare program in delivering specific results, but it provides some guidelines for a solid at home routine.




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  • Rhian Westbury

    I really need to have an evening where I do nothing but pamper myself and do this! x

  • Brianna

    This makes me want to break out the face masks! I love the idea of doing a second cleanse with a mechanical brush, I never could see how it could help much just doing one cleanse with the brush.
    Brianna ||

  • Rebecca Beccaboo Powell

    I’ve clearly never done a proper facial! Thanks for the tips I’ll deffo give it a go on my next pamper night!

    • And what is our current process? 🙂

      Your skin care app –

  • Lisa smyth

    Doing facials and pamper evenings at home is one of my favourite things to do throughout the working week when I’m stressed! I always see this as an opportunity to use up any good samples I have accumulated via beauty boxes and the likes. Like you I also use tow face masks…one to unclog my pores and one to add radiance! Would love to try the Aesop one it sounds lovely 🙂 xxxx

  • I’ve been doing facials all wrong. These are great tips that I’ll definitely be trying out.

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

    • What was your current process?

      Your skin care app –

    • Thank you Katya glad it was of help. Thanks for stopping by kx

  • Thank you for a detailed guide. Really helpful. Even picked one more product for a wishlist 🙂

    Your skin care app –

  • Sounds perfect! My fave mask is cupcake by Lush.

    Becca //

    • Oh I haven’t tried that one, thanks for the recommendation. I love Lush fresh masks. K x

  • Little Sunny Kitchen

    I really do need to get a facial done but it’s so expensive to go and get it done. Will try to do it by myself at home, thanks for the idea!