Beauty: 4 Minutes To Radiant Morning Skin

Beauty: 4 Minutes To Radiant Morning Skin

Time, such a valuable commodity. I love the days I wake up early filled with energy, motivation and the time to spend lavishing over my morning skin care routine, but to be honest sometimes that’s not the case. So if I haven’t really bothered with my skin for a few day’s and now (help) need a quick fix, a late night or just running late.  Here’s the 4-minute routine I use to get my skin looking radiant.

Cleanser: In this routine your cleanser must be gentle, nourishing and calming if possible (even if you have oily skin no harsh cleanser). I’m using the Ole Hendriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser which I adore it never fails to give amazing results, other lovely suggestions would be the Moringa Cleansing Balm by Emma Hardy or a more affordable gentle cleanser such as the Physiological Cleansing Milk by LA ROCHE-POSAY.

Brush: I personally I love mechanical cleansing brushes everything has its place, and if used properly they give amazing results. The head on the Spin For Perfect Skin Cleansing Brush* is really soft akin to a foundation buffing brush so it just gently clean’s and swirls massaging as it goes providing a gorgeous deep cleanse, no more than one minute is needed to cleanse the entire face (remember to go under the jaw line and sides of the nose trying not to go over the same area of skin twice) cleansing/sanitizing your brush before the next use.

What I like about this brand: Most importantly the brush is uber soft it does come with an exfoliating brush but even that is not too harsh in my opinion, it’s affordable and has another two attachments (that you don’t have to buy!) one pumice stone for touching up your pedicure and one large body brush for body brushing/exfoliating or as I have been using it for, exfoliating toes, ankles, fingers and elbows before you fake tan (which is key to an even streak free finish).

Beauty: 4 Minutes To Radiant Morning Skin

This lovely LA based brand is offering Abracadabra Girl readers an amazing 70% discount on this and other brushes (usual price $100- aprox £65 with the code ABRACADABRA at check out $30 – aprox £20) Yep I told you it was a good one, so be sure to treat yourself! (plus no nasty custom’s charges as although it’s a US website order’s are filled via Europe, so clever I wish some other American brands would start doing that ….) I’ve used many facial brush brands professionally but for home use I can highly recommend this one.

Beauty: 4 Minutes To Radiant Morning Skin

2 Minute Mask: (a.k.a the Hollywood facial/ the product that famously launched her brand) Exflolikate is the latest wonder I’m really excited about from Kate Somerville, it’s for use once or twice a week (or as I like to use it for occasions like above) when I basically need a mega boosting fix of radiance fast! It contains papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes (fruit acids) with micro beads combined with honey, vitamin A and C (as antioxidants) and finally aloe vera to soothe. It’s a potent little cocktail you do actually feel a very slight tingle with this mask. If you have sensitive skin the original one is not for you Kate has Exfloikate gentle or Exflolikate Acne.

So that’s my 4 minutes to radiant morning skin routine (obviously it’s not designed to replace your normal skin care routine) which I will cover in-depth, in next week’s post. A step by step how to guide for a complete at-home facial, double cleansing, double masking, serums and more.

What do you think of my 4 Minutes To Radiant Morning Skin routine or what’s your favourite quick fix product let me know?











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  • It’s great that you have a fail safe plan for feeling more awake in a morning! I tend to just let myself feel tired all day haha, it’s so bad. I should probably try your tips out! x

    Stephanie |

    • It’s really an effective little routine, the combo of the mask and the facial brush I would definitely recommend giving it a go. k x

  • This looks and sounds really great. I always use Liz Earle in the morning as I find it works really well for reviving my skin after a good night’s sleep.

  • Sandra

    I love this post. Just what I need. My skin is looking so
    tired just now. A definate for me thanks and So quick and easy to use. Yes!

  • Thebeautyspot

    Ive always wanted to try products from kate somerville and all these products look amazing! Need to give them a try!

    • Yes they are a great range, it’s just a shame they are still relatively hard to get in the UK. k x

  • Interesting! I love using the Konjac sponge…very soft yet effective and not expensive! Will check the cleanser, sounds nice!
    Audrey /

    • Hi Audrey, oh yes thanks for reminding me about Konjac sponges I do like them, I sometimes use for removing my face masks. The cleanser is out of this world it’s one keep repurchasing over and over. k x

  • I like the idea of the 2 minute mask, anything that saves time in the morning whilst still benefitting your skin at the same time is great x

    • Yeah it’s great flash mask! Just a shame her product’s are still quite hard to purchase over here…. Thanks for the comment and stopping by k x

  • Jacqueline

    ooo never heard of a 2 minute facial – that sounds great, as I definitely don’t leave enough time to do my 20 minute mask often enough. Thank you Abracadabra girl!

    • Yes there are a few flash masks popping at the moment and they are so good when your still half asleep in the mornings 🙂 K x

  • MyLifeAsAMummy

    The brush sounds awesome! I love little gadgets like this!

    Laura x x x

    • I honestly couldn’t live without it in my skincare routine this particular one has uber soft bristles which is what you should be looking for so it’s gentle enough to deep cleanse without disturbing the skin’s natural balance. k x

  • Kaye Ford

    omg what an amazing discount! I already have a cleansing brush but I am so tempted by this one
    I also like the idea of a 2 minute mask. I can never fit masks into my regime at all and the acne one sounds like it would benefit me

    • Yes, this one is particularly good as it has “soft” bristles so won’t disturb the ph balance whilst still giving a thorough cleanse the acne flash mask (2x weekly max) would be perfect as you suggested. I would maybe finish off with an Aloe vera toner to soothe or a spray of zero zinc to calm both are natural finishing options so nothing harsh to dry out the skin. Thanks for stopping by. k x

  • Marleen S

    I love your photos, they are amazing! Looks like i need to get my hands on one of those brushes, they seem to be amazing for cleansing

    • Hi Marleen Yep can’t recommend them enough, it is a definite part of my cleansing routine – it works wonders to achieving clear skin so yes it’s definitely my cleansing companion. k x

  • Sarah Inks

    Such an easy routine! Definitely what I need when I’m lazy xD


    • It is I would really recommend those three steps when in a rush. Thank you for stopping by k x

  • I so agree It’s nice to have a quick fix routine on days you feel like that. `Thank you for stopping by. k x

  • Ladyaah Beauty

    Awesome routine !

  • I’d love to try the Ole Henriksen cleanser, as I already love the serum from the same range. I’ve also heard amazing things about the Exfolikate, which sounds like just what my skin needs to give it a boost at this time of year!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty