Light Up – A Pretty Candle Made For Summer

A new season often necessitates a new scent – Languid balmy evenings, laughter soaked garden parties, windows flung open. The official start of Summer is but mere days aways. My favourite home fragrance for the warmer months one I return to each year to re purchase despite fleeting beauty trends – the candle Baies by Diptyque which I treasure and hoard until the start of warmer days.

Baies (French for berries) is a soft, light and airy combination which draw’s upon damask rose as it’s central ingredient entwined with the lush, sweet, spicy, fruit notes of blackcurrant leaves. Baies is unique. I can sense the rose in there but it’s so slight and soft. The only sweetness is the sour sweetness of the blackcurrant. Summer’s almost slowed down pace certainly deserves a fragrance that wafts softly through the air rather than delivering a knockout olfactory blow – Baies is delicate but with still enough throw to fragrance your entire room and lingers for a LONG time.

The properties of rose absolute oil invoke balance, mental clarity, and calm whilst the tangy uplifting properties of blackcurrant create a sense of joy and happiness. This is a happy fragrance which is why it’s one of my perennial favourites.

Diptyque candles are luxe, beautiful and aromatic – they are for special occasions – packaged in clear glass tumblers with the beautiful trademark lettering and black and white label. They have a burn time of 60 hours in the larger size and 20 in the smaller travel size these are so good for when the pennies are short and make gorgeous gifts.
Diptyque uses all natural fragrance, lead-free wick’s and a combination of vegetable and petroleum based wax – I would prefer a soy based wax but this candle wins my heart anyway.

That’s the lowdown on my favourite candle for summer it’s wonderfully feminine and romantic, time to light it up! Have you tried Diptyque, what’s your favourite candle fragrance?


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  • LaaLaa

    I love candles whatever the season. It’s nice to also have scents for different seasons, this one sounds lovely. Depending on my mood, I either like woody or citrus uplifting scents xo

    • Thanks for the comment, lovely to meet a fellow candle addict 🙂 k x

  • Nikki Hamilton

    I love candles and always have one burning. My favourite fragrence though has to be clean cotton!

  • MichelleAndrea


    This is such a beautiful flat lay. The leaf and combo of the pattern on the material is perfect!


    • Michelle it’s so lovely to hear such positive feedback 🙂 thank you k x

  • I love the way you described the scent. Most reviews I read these days are just ‘Yeah it smells really nice’. Rose Absolute is one of my all time favourite fragrances. Perfect for summer!


  • Lou

    You described this candle so wonderfully! I really want to try a Diptyque candle and this one sounds perfect for summer x
    Louise |

  • I seriously want to try these candles. They looks amazing 🙂

    Lu |

  • I adore everything Diptique, but their candles have to take the top spot! My favourite scent of theirs for this time of year has to be Mimosa 🙂

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty