6 Makeup Must Haves

6 makeup Must Haves

These are the items that I’ve come to love when applying makeup either in a rush or at some hideous morning pre daylight start time. That Make life easier.


Concealer: The holy grail of makeup in my opinion, whether it’s under eye circles, blemishes or freckles (if you’re a freckles phobe like me) It’s some thing I just couldn’t live with out makeup wise (ok and mascara too) This one from Laura Mercier is a camouflage concealer which basically means you can hide almost anything with the stuff, you may think that could make it sound too thick and heavy for every day wear? Nope, it’s such a slick formula that you can apply it straight from the tray for full coverage or blend blend away for a lighter effect. The palette contains two colours so you can customise your shade, which is great  – As different areas of the face can need different shades of concealer. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage £26.50


The right Mascara: I don’t know if I’m the only one here but I use a few mascaras, that differ in consistency and effect. I use them according to the occasion (and lighting). This makes them easier to apply as it’s the correct product for the look you are aiming to achieve. This mascara delivers super results (as you would expect from MAC). It gives sleek defined lashes but isn’t a full on fake lash look, so it’s perfect for the daytime. MAC Zoomfast Black Lash £8.00 (mini size)


A layerable blush: NARS blushes tend to make life a little easier as they consist of translucent coloured particles. Which means you still get a rocking shade but not all in one go (hence avoiding the two stripes down the side of your face look) It allows you to layer it up until you reach the desired effect. This is also great if you want to re-apply during the day. NARS Gaiety £22.50



Fake Fresh: The New it product – We are all highlighting like mad and the reason being it’s a great cheat! Mix a tiny amount in with your foundation for an all-over lift if you’re feeling tired or simply just highlight the top of your brow bones to appear more fresh and dewy. This one from MAC is a silver tone, depending on your skin tone- you may require a different shade. So get playing with some highlighters if you haven’t already: they are the quickest cover up cheat out there! A word of warning:  less generally more with highlighters especially in the daytime. MAC Strobe Cream 50ml £24.50


Have you got loads of single shadows flying around all over the place. We all have our favourites but if you’re looking for ease of application especially when rushed. Next time you’re looking to purchase makeup think of a palette. Why? These big makeup brands have spent hours combining them to ensure each shade works well together both in application and blend ability. Thus taking all the guess work out for the consumer. This is Urban Decays Naked2 Basics (new release), It’s fantastic for all the reasons I’ve listed above. You could go for a cheaper option but if you’re looking for dependable, long lasting wear and easy application – Urban decay are awesome for eyeshadows (you can read my full review on this palette here ) Naked2 Basics2 Eyeshadow palette £22.00


Some of us can’t go without it, some of us can. So this one may be dependant on you personally. This is a brand you may or may not of tried yet that is worthy of a a mention. It’s Make Up Forever.The HD range is designed for the new needs of high definition imagery it uses very fine ingredients for an invisible, natural makeup finish. Its a medium coverage. This foundation is still not freely available in the UK until May when it is due to be released in Debenhams, but for now it can be found online via makeup artist supplier the  Guru Makeup Emporium. Otherwise, it’s widely available in the USA (and can be shipped from Sephora)


Everyone, Has A Makeup Must Have, What’s yours? Do share it In the comments box below.


6 make up must haves


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  • Sharon Martin

    Mascara is the one thing I really need to treat myself to at the moment.

  • Wonderful tips. I’m a real beginner with make-up and tend to only use concealer and foundation day to day. I would love to try a highlighter and I’ve always fancied trying MAC products!