5 New Beauty Favourites

5 New Beauty Favourites

Here are five new beauty products I’ve been trying lately from a variety of brands both from the UK and USA.

With Autumn fast approaching and a shift towards a more hydrating, restorative beauty regime these first two skincare purchases are right on cue.

Tarte Maracuja Oil, richer facial serums and delicious treatments oils are the beauty products we automatically reach for as the weather becomes harsher. The results considering this product contains just one ingredient Brazilian derived starflower oil really do push it towards the super oil category. It’s rich in lycopene and several other antioxidants combined with anti-inflammatory collagen restoring compounds it makes for just the most dreamy night time moisturiser leaving skin velvety smooth, supple and hydrated. I would use it anytime your skin needs a boost, autumn/winter, after a face mask, when your skin feels dry, irritated or to soothe redness.

If the Tarte Maracuja oil was for the nighttime then the Hydra Beauty Micro Serum from Chanel is for the day, this almost iridescent water-light serum really applies quite unlike anything else I’ve tried due to the microdroplet technology (the anti-oxidant Camilia beads that are suspended throughout the product). It delivers a major dose of hydration, as well as promoting increased moisture retention and although it’s far from a natural product it contains no alcohol or surfactant ingredients (which over time can disrupt the dermis) this is particularly important and beneficial for blemish prone & sensitive skin. It’s definitely one that looks pretty on the vanity table but the results are just as compelling, it leaves the skin just wondrously hydrated and dewy. Use: anytime, all skin types, perfect under makeup.

I’ve mentioned Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Cleanser a few times before full review here and it’s still one of my favourite decongesting cleansers, a product I’m still completely loyal too although I’ve been trying something new lately and using it with my mechanical cleansing brush (which I use two or three times a week) It’s a cleansing discovery! The deep working clay’s work even more thoroughly with the action of the brush. If you’ve got one dig it out and give it a try they are not harsh or harmful to the skin if used correctly and not over used, this is really is a killer combo worth trying.

5 New Beauty Favourites

The no makeup makeup craze, personally if I want to wear no makeup then I actually do and give my skin the break it deserves so it has more chance of looking fresh and dewy as the tempting marketing images that those skin tint product’s suggest. Tinted correction creams on the other hand or skin showing foundations are something I’ve been enjoying as part of my makeup routine recently. This one by Buxom called Show Some Skin seems to capture just the correct balance of not completely hiding the skins pores but still providing a little cover to gently even out skin tone whilst still looking completely natural. Fresh makeup.

Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com this lip balm could with ease become a cult product, as I mentioned previously in my full Glossier review it’s delicious Caribbean coconut fragrance is just so addictive and genuinely leaves lips hydrated and glossy, earning this super balm the final place in my current beauty favourites.

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  • I have been on the hunt for a lighter foundation!! Gonna have to try that one from Buxom!

    • Thank you – Buxom and make up for ever ultra HD foundation are both very natural. K x

  • Beth MusingHousewife

    I’m not a big make up fan but I can certainly see why these are your 5 new favourites.

  • Such a great picks in your monthly favourites, lovely. The lip balm sounds really yummy. I have never heard about it. Hope we have it here in UK. x

    • Thank you Ninz, the lip balm is amazing they only ship with in the USA at the moment but I’m hosting a giveaway of Glossier products (1 post back) so feel free to pop an entry in – there’s a balm Dotcom in there x k x

  • Hydra Beauty is amazing! i used to use it when it was the original formula and there was nothing like it!


    • It’s the first time I’ve tried it amazing! I didn’t know it had a change in formula, interesting. Thanks for the comment k x

  • Buxom sounds great as having visible pores is such a problem.It looks like a product that’s worth a try!


    • It’s such a great product. I cant wait till its stocked in the Uk and it’s a bit easier to purchase. Thank you for the comment. k x

  • VintageFolly

    I tend to stick with the same products all the time – but now that I’m expecting, my skin has changed so much that I’m being forced to try new things. Thanks for the round up – I’ve a few new products for my list now.

    • oh congratulations! so many exciting things ahead I remember those days fondly. Im glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by k 🙂