4 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coffee Scrubs

4 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coffee Scrubs

A new concoction has entered my beauty life and it’s a divine mix of cacao, coconut, organic oils, shea butter, dead sea salts and kona coffee and I’ve become quite smitten with the smooth, silken skin it reveals.

The BRU body scrub is a natural organic product that hails from sun soaked California and it’s lush smell of cacao and coconut’s certainly transported me to more exotic land’s as I gently scrubbed and polished my skin.

It contains the perfect alchemy of ingredients: finely milled dead sea salt suspended within a blend of uber moisturizing organic oils, shea butter and with not only coffee particles but also coffee seed oil (arabica oil) to power boost the mix. It’s the addition of coffee (caffeine) with its a blood stimulating properties makes everything more effective if you suffer from keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) ingrown hairs or want to improve the appearance of your skin. This works – Take a moment to step off life’s busy parade this is one beauty experience that’s guaranteed to delight.

4 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coffee Scrubs

The 4 Beauty Benefits of Coffee Scrubs 

Antioxidant – The coffee grounds or oils contained in body scrubs pack a powerful anti oxidant punch which help to fight against the damaging effect of free radicals that cause premature ageing.

Tighten – As coffee is a diuretic, scrubs or beauty preparations containing caffeine can temporarily minimize the visibility of orange peel skin by drawing fluid away from fat cells, essentially temporarily dehydrating and shrinking their size, resulting in a smoothing effect from the outside. Along side the essential oil black pepper caffeine in my opinion as a beauty therapist is one of a few ingredients that actually does temporarily improve the look of dimpled skin.

Revive – When left on the skin the stimulating properties of caffeine improve blood flow thus making the skin appear radiant and revived.

Exfoliant – Coffee grounds are a gentle natural exfoliant which work in harmony with sugars or salts to gently slough away dead skin without irritation.

Method – Allow the shower to run for 5-10 minutes to let the warm water soften the skin, exfoliate in circular motions then allow the scrub to rest on the skin for 5-10 minutes then before rinsing.

4 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coffee Scrubs

This lovely LA based brand is offering Abracadabra Girl readers an amazing 50% discount off the BRU Body Scrub* (usual price $30 – aprox £19 with the code karascoffee at check out $15 – aprox £9.50) so be sure to treat yourself! (plus no nasty custom’s charges either as although it’s a US website order’s are filled via Europe).

My favourite time to use BRU – A Monday morning grogginess cure …… Are you a body scrub devotee?

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  • I’ve heard that coffee scrubs have Ari cellulite properties but I didn’t know about all of those benefits . Great post !
    The color palette

  • Magdalena S

    Interesting. I use scrubs, still have few from the body shop range (stocked up on these last year – part of my retail therapy:), but recently I’m more into biocosmetics from Avebio, a Polish company, and using their Dead Sea salt with natural oils – argan, macadamia, and monoi. Smell is devine, and macadamia helps tighten my skin in a delicate, non-evasive way. Which is great:))

  • I’ve never used a coffee scrub before, might have to give this one a try 🙂 xx Charlotte

  • This sounds amazing, I’ve never used a coffee scrub before! To be honest I’ve not used a body scrub in a while and I really feel I should grab one! Your pictures are beautiful by the way! X

  • This is so nice! Love scrubs xx


  • Andrea

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve always heard great things about coffee scrubs but I have yet to try one. This sounds like one I should give a try, plus I’m always a sucker for things that smell like cacao and coconut

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  • I’d love to try out a coffee scrub, they always look great! Thanks for the tips!


  • Stephanie Merry

    I’ve never tried a coffee scrub before but these sound lovely – thanks for sharing x

    • A pleasure glad you enjoyed it. thank you for the comment k x

  • KGR

    This sounds really good! Shame it’s a coffee scrub… Hate coffee haha

    • Ha I can totally understand where your coming from although the BRU smells a total mix of coconut, coffee and shea butter so its not over powering 🙂 kx

  • Sandra

    I live on Coffee from the smell to the enjoyment of drinking it. Will definitely be trying this. The results sound fantastic. A must for me.

  • I love body exfoliators and this coffee scrub sounds amazing xx