3 Cute Ideas For Celebrating Grandparents Day

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do” grandparents are full of caring deeds, wonderful stories, laughter and love. Here in the UK we celebrate grandparents day this Sunday the 2nd October. My little boy’s (that’s him above) grandparents are down to earth, hands on and overwhelmingly altruistic with their time. Here are a few ideas we have planned for the weekend to show them just how important they are to our family.


  1. Making a Grandparents day card together. The gift of time is certainly as precious as any monetary item. My son loves getting the art and crafts box out. So we have designed a card with all our hand prints on the cover and two poems inside one for grandad and my favourite one “Nana’s Wings”.

Nana, I wonder
where you keep your wings.

Are they hung in your closet
with the rest of your things?

Do you put them away
and just use them at night

or give them to Rosie
to polish up bright.

I know you have wings,
for this must be true,

‘because they always are given
to Angels like you.

Source: Ricky R. Hernandez

2. Plant a grandparents shrub or bush together. I have been thinking about planting a blueberry bush ever since I discovered you can grow them in the UK. My 5-year-old son Leon loves to help with any gardening, in particular digging holes for the plants, watering and looking for earthworms to rescue — So on Sunday we are planting a blueberry bush, my son strangely remembers all the bulbs and plants he and my mother plant together so I’m sure planting nana and grandad’s blueberry bush will become no less special.

3. A home picnic with a special book. Our home picnics are simply a family gathering with a little added sparkle. So banners, flowers and their favourite foods followed by an opulent dessert. To end the day I found a book called Me & My Grandparents (as it is grandparent’s day!) it’s from a lovely series by Jedda Robaards. I’ve also got a little surprise for each of them a cozy butterscotch knit and some new walking boots from chums for grandad.

Do you have any plans for grandparents day?

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  • These are such lovely ideas – I really miss my Gran she was the most amazing lady. x

  • What lovely ideas, I still miss my Grandparents, will have to do something for my parents from my Daughter as they do so much for her x

  • Christine Dodd

    I didn’t know we had grandparents day! You learn a lot from blogs don’t you. It’s a nice way to say thanks for all their help.

  • Joanna

    What lovely ideas i didn’t know grandparents day existed.

  • Such lovely ideas. I will definitely be doing something to spoil my nan and show her how much I love her x

  • Louise

    I didn’t even know grandparents day was a thing! I love the idea of home picnics though, how sweet X

  • I didn’t know about Grandparents day. Never knew there was a day specially for them. What a great idea though.

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I didn’t even know that Grandparents day was a thing, but this looks like a nice way to celebrate.

  • This is so lovely! Sadly I don’t have any grandparents left, I wish my nan was about I would have spoilt her rotten x

  • I think Grandparent’s day is the loveliest idea ever! I’m always all for a holiday the encourages a little bit of selfless love!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I love that poem, so beautiful and I have a rose bush which reminds me of my Nan x

  • We had a movie day with my grandparents. It’s our new tradition 🙂 we watched Wizard of Oz but would love to make a card for them next year xx

    • Aww movie days are a great idea, I love family traditions too! Thanks for stopping by k x

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I didn’t even know about grandparents day! Such a great day x

  • This hits me hard, I only have one grandparent left now.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    That’s lovely, such a great poem. I don’t have any grandparents but we see my parents often 😉

  • aw so cute! any time spent with them is valuable. i didn’t know it was a thing

  • TalontedLex

    I didn’t know this was a thing! I only have one grandparent left but she is wonderful.

  • Annie Brooks

    I have never even heard of this! Is it a recent thing? Very cute idea though!

    • It’s not in the US, but it’s just starting to become popular in the U.K. 🙂 k x