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Makeup: How To Make Your Lipstick Last

How to make your lipstick last, no one likes to apply their lipstick only to have to re-apply an hour or so later and although there are numerous specific long-wear lipsticks available, here’s a trick to make your lipstick long-lasting even if it’s a traditional formula because getting the most from your favorite shade is a […]

Glossier – The New Voice In Beauty

I am so excited to introduce the beauty brand Glossier today and give away some Glossier goodies before their UK release. In case you didn’t know, Glossier is the new edgy beauty brand created by Into the gloss founder Emily Weiss who’s goal was to design a brand of product’s that rethought beauty by creating items that […]

Louise Young Cosmetics – Festival Eye Shadow Trio Review

If you’re a makeup artist you may already be familiar with Louise Young and probably have at least one of her renowned makeup brushes in your kit. Louise initially started creating makeup brushes for makeup artist’s and to say that she has a talent for this is an understatement if you’re a fan of Zoeva […]

Currently Testing: Love Me Beauty Boutique August 2015

Beauty boxes, I haven’t reviewed one for quite some time but feel like this summer a few brands have really upped their game offering some outstanding boxes of which I’ve purchased a few. What I’ve noticed is that the previous wave of surprise sample boxes is all a bit over with now as while they […]