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Make Up Revolution – An Affordable Naked 3 Palette Alternative

Make Up Revolution – An Affordable Naked 3 Palette Alternative. Make Up Revolution The New Bargain Make Up Brand – If you haven’t already heard about make up Revolution then you’re in for a little treat (see above photo… palette on the top £37.00 palette on the bottom £4). Make up Revolution are the new bargain […]

Air Plane Essentials – The Natural Products To Keep You Looking Radiant

Even if your flight is only short-haul, these four handy airplane essentials will ensure you land looking radiant naturally. Hydration is essential when travelling by plane even if only for a few hours the reason being is that air on an airplanes is recycled and conditioned so it loses humidity. So obviously the first thing […]

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards – 2014

The Cosmopolitan blog awards 2014. This is basically a little post to you guys, all my lovely readers who subscribe or at least find something of interest on my page every now and again, thank you… If you’re not familiar with the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards it’s basically like the Oscars of the blogging world. Blogging […]

Fresh Crab With Thia Noodles – Naturally Gluten Free

Fresh crab with Thia noodles – Fresh Crab Now before you stop reading, it’s the white meat we are talking about…. Yes I hear ya the brown meat is urm an acquired taste but the white flesh is just fresh and sweet. So if you already love crab great, if you’ve just got vague memories of […]

The Top Four Dirty Chemicals in Beauty Products – And how to EASILY avoid them

The Top Four Dirty Chemicals In Beauty Products – And How To Easily to Avoid Them Just lately there seems to be a shift in the popularity of natural chemical free beauty products, just the boom of online health and wellness sites is proof that we want to make healthier choices, whether it’s a daily […]

Facial Sprays The New “it” Product But What Exactly Are They ? Plus Review of Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist

Facial sprays the New “It” Product but what exactly are they? It seems like every beauty brand now has a facial misting product to offer. So what exactly are they? Why are they so popular? How do you use them? Facial sprays are exactly that a light misting of a product that either hydrates, soothes or […]

Green Herb Shrimp Salad with a Lemon Dressing

Green Herb Shrimp Salad with a Lemon Dressing .This green salad recipe is quick, easy and delicious it’s the perfect meal for a lazy weekend afternoon. Its nutrient dense, high in vitamins, phytochemicals, folate plus healthy avocado fats. Salad Ingredients  3 cups of rocket 2 cups of baby spinach 1 bunch of spring onions 14 […]