12 Morning Mantras To Inspire Your Day

12 morning mantras

Some days you wake up and for no particular reason, it just feels like “one of those days” – zero motivation. I have a few favourite mantra’s that I use for mornings like this when I feel I need to re-focus my thoughts towards a more positive and productive path.

The morning is a powerful time to practice a mantra or affirmation. When you first wake up the mind is the most receptive to ideas and suggestions. Mantras require mere seconds of your time, I have a few posted inside my wardrobe door which I see each morning before getting dressed. I have others that I have converted into old style polaroid photographs and popped up with washi tape in my kitchen (I use an app called LALALAB to do this – I have no affiliation with them it’s just the easiest and fastest app I’ve found for printing images from my phone).


“Simple words and phrases have the power to interrupt negativity and invite positive moods”. 

  1. Everything is possible.

  2. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

  3. You are the sky everything else is only the weather.

  4. Don’t over think it – Let it go and be free.

  5. Be your self – Bravely.

  6. The competition is only as good as you believe they are.

  7. You’re not stuck with anything life changes every minute so can you.

  8.  Smile right now! You deserve to be happy.

  9. Satisfaction is not always the fulfilment of what you want but the realisation of what you already have.

  10. Today’s trials will become my blessings.

  11. New day, new mysteries – It’s a fresh start.

  12. Take a moment to count your blessings – literally eg. family, friends, business, health and community.



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